The department trains the students in Human Anatomy using traditional and innovative methods. All faculty members are provided with computers and the offices have internet connections. The postgraduate qualified faculty are trained in teaching and student evaluation. There are normal and clinically relevant  for regular small group discussions with students. The well-equipped micro-anatomy laboratory is available for research. Rachana Sharir Museum, Dissection Hall, Tutorial Room, Faculty Room, Departmental Library, Cadaver Room, Embalming Room, Store Room are also available in the department.

The facilities meet all the requirements of undergraduate teaching and learning. Micro-anatomy laboratory is well-equipped with audiovisual facilities. The department having high quality Histology Microscopic slides, bones, instruments, equipments, charts, models, specimens etc. Active body donor programs cater to the requirement of cadavers for efficient training of undergraduate students.

College is registered in Rajasthan Anatomy Act, 1986 (Act No.12 of 1986) on dated 03 July, 2015.


  • Trains undergraduate Ayurved Medical students
  • Lecture theatres with full-fledged audio-visual units
  • Cadaveric dissection hall with LCD’s for regular video demonstration of dissection classes
  • Cadavers regularly stored in the storage with uninterrupted power & air supply
  • Anatomy Museum has the TV monitor connected to the microscope for demonstration of the microscopic slides


Anatomy is a branch of medicine that studies the structure and functions of the human body. This branch of medicine specialises in research and practice of histology tissue processing, cadaveric dissection, museum specimen preparation, cytogenetics and cultivation of tissue cultures.