The department trains the students in Human Physiology using traditional and innovative methods. All faculty members are provided with computers and the offices have internet connections. The postgraduate qualified faculty is trained in teaching and student evaluation. There are normal and clinically relevant for regular small group discussions with students. The well-equipped laboratory is available for experiments. Kriya Sharir Laboratory, Tutorial Room, Faculty Room, Departmental Library, Bio-Chemistry Unit, Store Room is also available in the department.

The facilities meet all the requirements of undergraduate teaching and learning. Kriya Sharir laboratory is well-equipped with audiovisual facilities. The department having all essential instruments, equipments, charts, models, specimens, microscopes etc. All the reagents, chemicals, apparatus are also available in the departments.


  • Trains undergraduate ayurved medical students for ayurvediya kriya sharir as well modern physiology
  • Lecture theatres with full-fledged audio-visual units
  • Facility for Bio-Chemistry Testing
  • Well equipped department with uninterrupted power, water & air supply
  • Well equipped kriya sharir laboratory to teach mechanism of human body along with modern physiology


Sharir Kriya is the science, which deals with the study of human body in relation to its Physiological norms. ‘Sharir Kriya’ deals with study of the normal functions of the body. The whole purpose of Kriya Sharir is to explore the normal functions of the living organism, their principles, their mechanism and their actions.

Ayurved is concepts of Sharir Kriya deals with the functions of Dosh, Dhatu and Malas. According to the Ayurveda, every individual is unique entity for knowing this uniqueness of every individual ‘Prakriti Parikshan’ is essential. ‘Prakriti Parikshan’ is the analysis of body and mind.