Deliveries at Kala Ashram Ayurved Medical College & Hospital

Pregnancy is a happy and joyous time of life for many women. It can also be a challenging time of life as the mother’s body goes through numerous changes in order to create and support the development of a new life. Child birth is the happiest moment for the mother as she is taking care for it since nine month. Ayurveda is an excellent addition to the care provided by medical doctors and midwives. Ayurveda creates support for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the mother and her baby.

The modernized labour room of Kala Ashram Ayurved Hospital has conducted its first delivery on 08.03.2019 and it is the fruit of our hardships that the first baby girl was delivered on International Women’s Day. She was named Kala Kunwar by her parents in the respect to our institution. Since the first delivery, we have conducted 25 deliveries in the year of 2019 and 60 deliveries in the year of 2020 successfully. In these short periods, we have successfully delivered the total 85 deliveries, in which 40 were male and 45 were female babies and 24 cases were Primi and 61 were Multi Gravida. 8 cases were brought delivered and one case was still birth. We have used only Ayurvedic medicines and delivery process was conducted based on purely Ayurvedic procedures.

Sootigagara Dhoopana was conducted with drugs like Kushta, Guggul, Agaru, Haridra, Garlic Peels, Sarshapa, Ghrita etc. Use of local snehana with dhanwantaram taila was done and swedana procedures were conducted with the help of Department of Panchkarma. Whenever needed, we have used lukewarm water for enema and bala or dhanwantaram taila for anuvasana basti. Our dedicated team stays inside the campus; so we are available 24×7 for attending the cases and we are ready at all the time for any emergency.

Our labour room services were also continues during the pandemic period of COVID-19 as emergency services and our staff including doctors and nurses and others helping staff took care to maintain covid protocols at that time with the used of PPE, mask and other necessary instruments while conducting the deliveries. In this critical period, we conducted some complicated deliveries like cord around the neck, meconium-stained liquor, true knots, premature deliveries also.

We started providing free ambulance service for the needy patients and college administration was providing free food, accommodation and services for all the patient and one bye stander also. An amount of Rs.1400/- was distributed by the college administration to the JACCHA and BACCHA after each delivery at our hospital. Our college hospital provided a neatly and tidy environment for conducting successful deliveries and our aims are always to conduct normal deliveries through Ayurveda.

Deliveries by Ayurveda
Details of Deliveries Conducted