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The Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, New Delhi has developed the “Ayush Sanjivani Mobile App” for generating data of large population (50 Lakhs) in order to understand the status of public health and impact of AYUSH guideline during this COVID-19 period. The core expected outcomes of the “Ayush Sanjivani Mobile App” includes generating data on acceptance and usage of AYUSH advocacies and measures among the population and its impact in prevention of COVD-19. This is the largest population based study in the history of AYUSH systems.

In order to achieve its target of generating data of mass population, it is request to all the visitors of this site; kindly download this mobile app in your mobile phones and to get involved in the study.

The Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and State Governments have issued specific guidelines for the public to follow the guidelines of ICMR and immune boosting AYUSH remedies well in advance to fight against the COVID-19. Our Honourable Prime Minister, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Ministry of AYUSH deserve all the appreciation and applaud for their timely precaution and action.

You can download “Ayush Sanjivani Mobile App” from Google Play Store or the link to download this app is:

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