spa1At Kala As aesthetic and therapeutic services to enhance your apperance and over all well being, while pampering your senses simultaneously. our spa includes a number of varied therapies for complete rejuvenation through Astanga yoga, Ayurvada, Herbal Therapies consists of hriolapa, Abhyanga, Mukhaabhyanga, Shirodhara, Pizchil, Navazchi, Anjanam, Karnapooram, Swedana, Steam, Aroma bath, Soundayavardhini and specail packages for Bride and bridegroom includes Padagahata, keshini, Hastashubhakari and nature cure therapies with Meditaion and Yoga nidra for completely relaxation.

spa2Kala Ashram provides Medical non-surgical spas for wellness, skin care, and spa care packages. The purpose for non-invasive skin-rejuvenating treatments provided patients with the advantages of non-surgical wellness care, by either delaying or completely avoiding facial surgery. Our’s treatment centre is elegantly designed, more on the lines of spa rather than an impersonal medical office, making the recuperation phase more relaxing for the patient. Patients recovered faster and experienced less depression and anxiety in such a serene and agreeable environment, surrounded by others who have undergone similar experiences. Many patients are not ready for the cost or commitment of a major surgery, having neither the time nor the inclination. They are looking for and would welcome something else that can provide for rejuvenation. People desire to feel good, wish to relax and above all, they want to see results. These spas aim at integration. A vast range of skin and body treatments, hydrotherapy, microdermabrasion, mud and stone massage, reflexology, Botox, Collagen and Restyling are available under one roof, combined with a physician’s expertise, should any complications arise.

spa3Most medical spas provide day treatments. Some go beyond that. The patient is carefully screened and guided through all available options, including surgery. A variety of revitalizing therapies are offered. Skin care and non surgical wellness packages are a successful adjunct because they relate directly to plastic surgery. A patient can benefit from a leasing facial before a face-lift and afterwards can receive a make-up consultation. It is, therefore, important that each spa should incorporate some kind of skin care into its practice. The idea is to keep people looking younger.